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Can massage help for your wellbeing?

Open communication is the key between the therapist and the client. While it’s your massage therapist’s job to make sure you are taken care of, being “in the know” can make your massage sessions feel even more relaxing and worthwhile.

Abyangam! Benefit maximum from knowing right method.

According to traditional ayurvedic books, there is no other way better than Abyangam to retain the state of youth, attain relief from Rheumatoid arthritis, to enhance the health of eyes, to maintain a strong attractive and healthy body, longevity, to have a sound sleep and to avoid skin diseases.


Since Ayurveda has studied the different forms of arthritis and having a clear understanding of the reasons which cause the disease, it has methods for successfully treating the disease. Unlike in other streams of medicines, Ayurveda treatments for Arthritis are applied to reverse the root cause of the disease with natural remedies without causing side effects.

Know 1 basic principle of Ayurveda for wellness

The balance of the doshas is an absolute necessity for wellness. Knowing your own dosha and adapting the dosha suggested lifestyle can have a transformative impact on your overall health and well-being.

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